Yaaaahhh….it’s party season! Love a great party and there is so much to celebrate in life.


Here are 5 tips to having and enjoying summer celebrations yet still feeling fit and fabulous and rocking a bikini or boardshorts on holidays.

1. Hydration – start hydrated. Then alternate an alcoholic drink and a water/sparkling mineral water over the function so you avoid the dreaded dehydration headache next day. Order a round of water for your friends to help them reduce any hangover. Add mint or lime to your water to rev up the flavour.

2. Mindfully choose your beverage – Remember alcohol is a sugar and empty calories. 1 glass of champagne or wine is 100 calories. So why not opt for a spritz…..half champagne or prosecco and half sparkling mineral water, add a dash of orange juice or mint or strawberries….have fun with it. Just did this in Italy recently…..belissimo! Suddenly half the calories and getting hydrated at the same time. You can also opt for cleaner spirits such as vodka or gin with sparkling mineral water and lime.

1 glass red wine = 120 calories
1 glass white wine = 100 calories
1 glass sparkling wine = 100 calories
1 full-strength beer = 155 calories
1 standard rum & cola = 248 calories
1 standard gin & tonic = 200 calories

1 standard vodka & soda = 64 calories

3. Knowing your limit and sticking to it in a non-judgmental and respectful way – Personally, I limit myself to a maximum of 2-3 drinks per event so I don’t spend all the next day recovering. If there is pressure to consume more I simply say “I don’t need more to have more fun” and “I am not in the mood for more drinks”. A simple, non-judgemental and respectful way of saying thank you but no thank you.

4. Sourcing healthy options – If you need to bring food to an event bring a healthy option….just gives you more choices –  salad, dip, dessert. Do the best you can with what you have….that is life! If you know there is going to be very limited options have a healthy snack or green smoothie before you go.

5. Getting back on track – In between celebrations make sure you balance things out for being 85-90% good, that way you can stay feeling healthy and looking great. It is all about balance and finding a middle ground.

Now go out and have some fun…..life is meant to be celebrated!!!

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