Naturopathic doctor Melbourne – 5 Tips To Keeping Your Healthy Winter Motivation Alive

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Naturopathic doctor Melbourne  – Winter is a time of eating warm comfort foods, snuggling under doonas and cosy open fires.  So no wonder, heat seeking beings like ourselves find it hard to pry ourselves outdoors as the thermostat drops. When leaving the house is optional. The resolve for fun must be essential!

If you’re forcing yourself to exercise because it’s something you feel you ‘should do’, your mind will resist – big time. So what if I suggested a mindset tweak of choosing to get creative, and picking activities to amplify fun in your life? How does that feel? I know it brings a sense of ease over me. And I am all for easy! So fall in love with Active Living this Winter.

1. Online Yoga or Pilates:

Prop up your laptop/ipad…. clear some room and carve out the moves in your living room. A YouTube search for Yoga or Pilates will serve you up with more than five million videos, so there’s something on offer for everyone. Fun, easy and anytime you want. Inverted poses are fantastic at this time of year…..really gets the energy shifting.

2. Dance, dance and dance:

Any time of the day crank up the volume and bust out some moves. Headphones are amazing so you can do it anywhere, anyhow. Walking in the park, office, hallways, bathrooms, your own living room, cooking dinner, making breakfast. Fantastic for the soul. Makes you feel Alive? Energised? And absolutely counts as exercise.

 3.  Bounce:

Rebounder or mini trampolines or jumping on the kids trampoline can be a great way to break up the day. Gives you option of both light movement, like gentle bouncing and high intensity exercise, like on-the-spot running. Benefits include stimulating your lymphatic system, which encourages the removal of toxic waste, and secondly, it is gentler on your joints than running. Bounce five minutes on your way out the door in the morning and another five minutes when you walk in the door at night.

4. The Wind in the hair

Get amongst it and embrace life…..go for an invigorating bike ride, run or walk in the wind and rain….feel wild and free. My motto is “it’s only water… not acid – just do it”. You feel amazing when you get back to a cosy warm house.

Running in the rain – exercise, therapy and a shower …..all at the same time – Pinterest 

Or an indoor pool is another option to get the blood moving. Take a sauna afterwards for a bit of indulgence.

5. Opt for healthy nourishing foods

This will save you the melt down before summer approaches because the waist has expanded considerably. Why not try a delicious quinoa porridge and green smoothie or eggs either scrambled, boiled, poached or in a gorgeous Mexican Fritatta for breakfast.

Above all, listen to your body. What does it want to do? Seeking out the fun and practising self-compassion will set you up for an exercise routine that sticks. – Naturopathic doctor Melbourne

Which tip will you try this week? If you have your own ideas, share them with us here – the more ideas the better!