5 Sneaky Relaxation Techniques For The Silly Season

Love it or loathe it, the frantic energy of month of December is almost upon us. A time of celebration, family, deadlines, busyness, a super long to do list and much more. Overall, mostly a cheerful time, however, your stress levels can step up a notch. For some getting amongst extended family is a tough time. Gremlins can raise their heads at a time when the nerves are already frayed. So, here are some sneaky reset strategies to incorporate into the day over the coming month or ideally long term. Read on for some Relaxation Techniques.

Why not commit to testing one or all of the Relaxation Techniques options below over the coming month to keep you sane, wise and chilled. Simple is often the best and repeat often.

Simple tips to reset:

1. Deep belly breathing

Feeling super tense? Put your phone on silent and do this quick exercise anywhere anytime. Great reset at your fingertips – business meeting, standing in a queue, driving in a traffic jam, before you eat lunch or when you just want to reset.

Take a slow big deep breath in through your nose, expanding your belly, then hold it and slowly breathe out, pulling your belly towards your spine. Start with the ratio of breathing in for a count of 4, hold for 16 and breathe out for 8. You can increase this ratio up or down, to suit. You’re now on track to activating your relaxation or parasympathetic nervous system. You can intensify it by closing your eyes and feeling into it. Ideally, start with 5 minutes, you can do it as often as you like. Ideally, three times over the day for maximal effect.

2. Simple body scan

Love this one and so deliciously simple. Start at the top of your head and slowly scan down, like you’re a water container being emptied. Discover if your shoulders are currently pinned to your ears. Just acknowledging how your body feels, allows you to let go of the tension you were unconsciously carrying. Wow, did you realise how tightly you were carrying certain parts of your body? That uses lots of energy and stops blood getting in and out of that area. Do it a few times over the day for maximal effect.

Take 30 seconds to have a quick practice now. Ahhhh….that feels better!

3. Mantra for peace

Ridiculously simple and super effective technique I learnt many years ago. Reminding us peace starts from within. Say the words to yourself or out loud.

  1. On same hand touch, your index finger to the thumb say the word “peace.”
  2. Now touch your middle finger to your thumb and say “begins.”
  3. Next, touch your ring finger with your thumb uttering “with.”
  4. Finally, touch your little finger with your thumb and say “me.”

Use one hand or both. Do it waiting in a queue or anywhere. Nobody needs to know. Just breathe in that mind reset and let the thought of you against the world disintegrate into the ethos. Ahhhh…..

The simplest tools are often the best.

4. Step amongst nature

Take off those shoes and feel the grass between your toes, sit with your back against a tree or feel the salt water wash over your feet. Grab a moment before you eat lunch or after work. Great reset for the nervous system. Sensational in the daylight saving hours. My absolute favorite is to catch a sunrise or sunset nothing like it, for recharging the soul.

Make it a daily practice for maximal effect.

5. Daily exercise

Crucial to burn off those “fight or flight” signals surging through your veins. Set yourself a morning ritual of an absolute minimum of 20 minutes. You can do more if you like. Crank out a quick walk, pilates, yoga or circuit routine. Fabulous way to start the day. I say if you can’t find 20 minutes a day to exercise you need to review your time management. Keep it simple and fun.

Another quick hack is getting out of the office each day for a quick 10 minute reset walk around the block or perhaps throw your exercise gear in and find a great park after work to “let go of the day”. Your family will love you for it.


These simple Relaxation Techniques all help you to feel lighter, relaxed and more like the incredible person you truly are. You’ll be better equipped to tackle the hiccups and tests that come your way because you know there will be some, that’s guaranteed. And really, you wouldn’t want it any other way. Don’t want to get bored!

Remember, I’m always here if you need more Relaxation Techniques before the silly season reaches its peak. Book here.

PS. Letting you know I’m away from 10th December 2016 until 19th December 2016 for a quick family reset myself. So catch me before or after these dates.

Ho ho….

Julie XX

If you like it share it. Do you have any simple reset techniques you would like to share? Always great to learn new ones. Comment away below and share the love.