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5 Reasons Why Nothing Beats A Great Retreat

Ahhhh……..there is nothing like just stopping to regroup. It feels amazing.

Letting go all the “to do” lists to just breathe.

Health retreats have almost become a necessity in modern-day life, as the pressures of work and family life increase and the pace of life quickens.

Many of us choose retreats for similar reasons – to give our minds, bodies and souls a chance to recharge and regain their balance.


1. Time Out To Reset

A chance to stop, heal and take home information that will keep you healthy in the long term.

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, running a family with varying commitments – to children, partners, parents – or in many cases, doing all three things at the same time, everyone needs time for themselves. Sometimes, just “getting away from it all” is enough. Many people choose to go to a retreat alone for this very reason.

2. You’ll Learn New Skills

Retreat programs can vary from a weekend escape to a month or more, depending on your needs. They are dedicated, to caring for guest’s health and wellbeing, helping them leave their daily stress behind and promoting good health.

Ideally, immersing you amongst nature, to enhance the process and learn ideas and tools to spark the process of living a better way.

If your focus is health, choose a retreat that offers one-on-one consultations to enable you to learn to look after yourself better and teaches you the skills to do so.

 3. You’ll Foster A New Outlook On Health And Wellbeing

It’s easy with the many demands of a busy lifestyle, to lose sight of personal priorities and needs. Retreats help you take a more holistic approach to wellness and wellbeing, including goals, diet, activity, rest and relaxation.

Allowing the chance to regroup, revitalise and re-energise: a place to slow down, enjoy healthy food, fresh air and lots of rest and relaxation.

4. Moment To Reflect

 Making changes to lifestyle habits can be challenging. A retreat will help with new techniques to address those challenges. A major factor in kick starting a new, motivated regime when you get home. Helping you to make healthy lifestyle choices an enjoyable and integral part of your life.

Taking stock of your diet, the principles of balanced nutrition and learning how to adapt your diet to your lifestyle and family situation can also be a key part of a retreat, especially for individuals who are keen to improve physical fitness, strength, flexibility and lose weight.

At a good retreat, you’ll be encouraged to slow down, eat well, relax, recuperate and surrender to some needed pampering. It gives you time to reflect on life and how you see yourself.

5. Meet New Like-Minded Souls

Chance meetings can often lead to life long friendships that nourish you from the inside out. Do you need more of these people in your life?

You Will Form Lifelong Friendships – Huffpost

Retreat Experience

After easing into the new surroundings, days start early – often at sunrise – a spectacular, soul-nourishing time of day. Usually there’s exercise to start the day – stretching, yoga, pilates, somewhere close to nature.

After breakfast, there may be scheduled wellness workshops that nourish your mind with inspiration and ideas. The natural surroundings in which most retreats are located add to the sense of peace and harmony that will be built during your stay.

In the afternoon, most retreats allow quiet time for resting, relaxing and reflection or indulging in a pampering treatment.

Meditation is often a key part of a retreat, whether it’s done alone, in a small group or guided by an experienced teacher who can impart breathing and centring techniques to help manage stress.

5 Reasons Why Nothing Beats A Great Retreat – The key aim of your retreat experience is to go home rested, rejuvenated, relaxed and inspired.

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