We all know the feeling…..we have been in the zone and going well. Then we get sick or busy or travel or life demands take over and our fitness regime goes west…

Overweight Woman Weighing Herself On Scales In Bedroom

Here are 4 quick tips to turning it around and getting back on the wagon to feeling great and looking gooooood!

4 Tips To Getting Your Fitness Regime Back On Track

  1. Food and exercise diary – when we write thing down we suddenly become accountable and aware. I love it….so simple!
  2. Eat largely clean, green wholefoods – when we cut out the numbers and the additives and start to eat real foods we find we don’t need to calorie count.
  3. Exercise every day – at least 30 minutes. Make it simple, short and fun. Incorporate stretch, strength and cardio.
  4. Keep hydrated – everything happens in water in your body. Keep your body functioning optimally. Recover better from exercise, more energy, clearer mind, lose weight.

Hoping that gives you some tools to get the wheels turning again on your daily fitness regime.

Remember you are worth it and your body will love you for it.

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Much love Julie