Struggling with sugar cravings or is it an all-out sugar addiction? You’ve decided it’s time to slay the sugar monster.

I see it often, gorgeous people like yourself, deciding to take the stand to dial the sugar meter down and the health meter up. After all, you want to enjoy your life and retirement, not have your wings cut by health issues and crazy travel insurance premiums from ill health.

What does being 65, look like for you? I do know you can’t buy your health back. Time to put a preventative framework in place.

Ok….now you’ve made the declaration, “I’m not eating sugar anymore”! Almost instantly you can’t get sugar out of your head and you’re sabotaging yourself all over the place….petrol station, supermarket, coffee catch up..

How did this happen? Firstly, your brain, god and your subconscious doesn’t hear don’t. All they hear is what you say after it.

Never, ever make a declaration in the negative. Like, ‘I won’t eat sugar anymore’. Instead, say ‘I will eat mostly vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts and seeds for the next 30 days’. Ahhh….that feels better already! Not even a sniff of the word sugar in that declaration. It sounds doable and sustainable……and dripping with success.

Now you’re focused on vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts and seeds. Time to clear the house out of everything that isn’t in those food groups, such as lollies, chocolate, soft drink, alcohol (yes it’s a sugar) and refined grain products, such as bread, cakes, doughnuts, pasta.

Now here are 3 hot tips to kicking sugar cravings and addictions for good:

1. Reset your sweet tooth

If you’ve been on a sugar eating frenzy for a while now, you’ve most certainly overfed your ‘bad bacteria’  in your microbiome to an all-time high. They want sugar and they want it now!

It’ll be hard going at the start, but doable. So hang in there…it’s like kicking a drug habit. Step by step, decision by decision, action by action. Replace the crap with the next best option, as your taste buds slide down the sugar scale. For instance, replace Cadbury chocolate with a raw chocolate mousse. Start the day with a green smoothie instead of toast. Soon you’ll be saying, I can’t believe I ate that it’s soooo sweet. Music to yours ears!

In case you need it, I can make this process easier with a 30 day gut reset programme to kick the sugar to the curb, done one on one in clinic or via skype or get a group of friends together to reduce the cost. Click here to book online to get started today.


2. Nurture your microbiome

Once you’ve got a healthy ratio between the good and bad bacteria in your gut through a reset either by yourself or with help. It’s time to keep it that way.

You do it by –

  • Keeping processed foods to a minimum
  • Minimising antibiotics, by keeping well.
  • Getting outdoors in green (plant filled) or blue (water filled) spaces. Yes, it’s not just about what you eat. Microbes from your environment seed your microbiome, internally and externally.


3. Make yourself sugar craving proof

Remove obstacles that drive sugar addiction, such as low energy.

When your energy’s down, you’ll reach for anything to give you an energy boost quick. Any guesses, what they’ll be?

Yep, caffeine (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, green tea, coke, V drinks, red bull, matcha tea) sugar  (chocolate, lollies, alcohol) or refined carbohydrates (cakes, biscuits, bread, pasta….). Sound familiar?

What causes low energy? Not enough quality sleep, food intolerances and sensitivities, adrenal problems from chronic stress, side effects of medication, thyroid issues, hormone problems and much more.

I specialise in looking under the hood to see what’s zapping your energy and give you long term tools and solutions, rather than just a caffeine patch job. Click here to book in at my Mt Martha office (Mornington Peninsula) in person or via skype or phone, if you need help to keep you free from sugar cravings.

Slay your sugar monster, one step at a time. and remember I’m here to help you if you need it.

Loads of health and happiness, Julie XXX

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