Life Coach Melbourne – 3 Step Process to Activating Your Power Using The Law of Attraction

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The universe does want to deliver you your greatest desires – at the time and in the manner you specify. But it can’t hit a moving target. It needs specific and compelling instructions from you to bring about the things you want to achieve, cultivate and flourish in your life – relationships, finances, self-transformation, purpose, finances.

“You cannot hit a moving target. Unclear goals make producing clear results impossible.” – Lisa Nichols


Life Coach Melbourne – Here are the 3 steps to activating your Law of Attraction:

1. Ask
Firstly you must be crystal clear about what you want.

The first step is to start with the end in mind. What would your life look like if you had already achieved your dreams? Create a picture in your mind.

See yourself in the house you would be living in. Where is it located? What is the style? How is it decorated? What do you love to do in this house? Immerse yourself in the colours, sounds, scents, emotions and images of your ideal life in your dream home.
Now decide on the exact date you will move in.

Now, visualise a typical day at work in your dream career/job/purpose. What kind of work are you doing? What are the outcomes from a productive day? What collaborations, value or new businesses are you creating? Who is working alongside you? See in your mind the circle of mentors, employees, colleagues and any other major support structure for your career.

Decide how much income you would like to earn each year after expenses. Now assign a date to this figure. Will you derive this income through real estate, shares, own company, art or something else? What kind of person will you have to become to manage and produce this income figure?

Next, get clear on your spirituality. What are your daily rituals that nourish and connect you to spirit?

Finally, decide what kind of relationship you’ll enjoy in your abundant future life. Are you surrounded by a great circle of influence that love, encourage and celebrate you? Is your community supportive of your growth, personal and business?

Ultimately, the key to visualising your ideal life is to see it in pictures that are so real that you actually form an emotional relationship with what you want. What would you be feeling each morning as you wake up in your dream life, as you work, in your closest relationships?

The difference between stasis and moving forward is feeling. Passion for your vision to realise your best and brightest future.

Now focus on what you do want – not on what you don’t want.
And please don’t stress over how your goal will show up. Let the Universe do the big stuff – aligning the necessary people, resources and circumstances to you.

It is your job then to get into action once these show up.

Given your thoughts provide your “ask”, be careful how you talk about your current circumstances. Use positive language and speak of future possibility ahead.
Complaining and bemoaning your current situation repeatedly with great emotion will just deliver more of what you have right now.

2. Believe
The easiest way to increase your belief that your desires are on the way – is through action. It conveys the expectation that what you want is on its way.

3. Receive
This requires you to recognise an opportunity when it appears, then quickly move forward on it. By jumping in with enthusiasm, investigating further, and making a start, you take steps to receive your desire and verify it is what you have been waiting for.

However, quickest and most effective way to receive what you want is to maintain a state of gratitude for what you have already received. So you are in alignment to receiving more.

Do you have any insights, comments or stories you would like to share about the Law of Attraction? Remember the juice is in the sharing.

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