Self Development – 3 Secrets To Creating Real Lasting Energy

Self Development - Young happy woman with backpack standing on a rock with raised hands and looking to a valley below

To be at your best, move between spending energy and renewing energy.  Learn more about the dynamics of energy and simple ways to boost your energy and increase your well-being. – The Ohio State University

I am now talking about the most important subject of your life – Energy.

You may not have realised it but it is.

Energy is the base of everything.

It drives all the biochemical reactions in your body. Without it you are running on one spark plug rather than four. NO energy for life, yourself, your children, your passions, your partner, your mission in life.

Life becomes a draining experience. You need to dig deep just to survive. An adrenal depleting, soul sucking way to live.

I want YOU to flow with energy, life to become easy.

Less time in overwhelm, more time in joyful creation.

So, think of energy as a MUST rather than a should.

If you can master this, you can master the possibility of everything else you can dream up.

If you don’t master energy everything else goes by the wayside.

I meet people all the time who want to get off antidepressants and improve their libido. Well guess what….get your energy up and you have half a chance. When you are so lacking in energy, no wonder you feel down and without passion in the bedroom.

One of the reasons is today people eat far too much and move too little. We get injuries typing and picking up pencils rather than doing battle hunting for food.

Think about how different our life is today compared to what we were created to do – run, hunt, defend, survive, pro-create & forage.

Today we have a box life. We live in a box, talk on a box, have breakfast from a box, drive a box to work, work in a box, drive home in a box, exercise in a box, come home again to a box and switch on the box. And perhaps change our state with a cylinder.

Then we consume foods that have nothing alive in them anymore. They are denatured, chemicalised and irradiated.

Not hard to work out why we are feeling so tired and growing sideways.

To lose this overwhelm we need to get back to common sense & become committed.

So let’s hook into our why first. Then we can do the how.

Sustainable change is 80% psychology & 20% mechanics.

Your beliefs are guiding your decisions.

If you make a different decision you will produce a different action. Different actions then produce different results.

So today is about making new decisions about what you believe about health and energy.

How important is energy to you from now on? Is it going to be a MUST rather than a should?

My mission is to get your energy flowing, so life becomes as effortless as possible, to prevent burnout and make it a flourishing, sustainable experience.

Energy is a place I have more than been. And we all know you can’t coach people to a place you have never been. So my challenges have become my victories and now my mission.

3 steps to sustainable change –

  1. Create the base, then
  2. Challenge & Grow, then
  3. Celebrate & Reward,

which enhances your base to grow even further. You now feel healthier, stronger & in turn want to eat better, play better, exercise more and take on bigger challenges in life. Then you reward and celebrate yourself even more and the cycle continues.

Self Development – This is how the healthy get healthier, the happy get happier, the rich get richer, the depressed get more depressed, the poor get poorer – the process of MOMENTUM.

My goal is for you to have more CERTAINITY. More certainty you have the answers that can guide you through the challenges. And there will be challenges guaranteed – that is life. But you are equipped internally to handle them all.

So as a result of your decisions today. You could be oozing with energy and health. People won’t be able to help but ask how you did it.

As a result you can pass on the seed to others and be a force for good spreading your new found knowledge. Paying it forward for a better world for all.

If you like it share it.

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