2 Essentials To Staying Well This Winter – Healthy Winter Tips

Healthy Winter Tips – Did you know the key to wellness this winter is a great inner terrain? How do you tell if your inner terrain is NOT right?

  • Low energy, especially morning and mid afternoon
  • Feel inflamed, achy
  • Brain fog
  • Craving sugar
  • Feel irritable, restless
  • Gaining weight around middle and can’t lose it

If this sounds like you… immune problems may already be there or not far away.

Sore throat, chesty cough, blocked nose? On antibiotics, have thrush? Have an autoimmune disease – asthma, psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis…..?

Your immune system protects you from bacteria and other invaders AND impacts almost every other system in your body — from your nervous system to your hormones.

What’s Your Immune System?

Very simplistically, your immune system is a collection white blood cells scattered throughout your body. And there are two major goals for immune cells:

  • Addressing issues INSIDE your cells.
  • Attacking infections on the OUTSIDE of the cells.

Almost every healthy person will have enough of both types of cells, fully functioning and performing their critical roles.

But problems arise when things interfere with these cells ability to respond to the areas they influence.

In the modern world, these interferences are becoming very common – pollution, chemicals, EMR…

Your inner terrain is on track when:

  • Feel energised, balanced and well
  • Think clearly
  • Look good
  • Sleep well


Two essentials to staying well this winter are:

1. Uncovering immune system challenges.

Could range from gut infections, food intolerances/sensitivities or autoimmune diseases to low in essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc, B12 or vitamin D.

Other common contributors to weakened immune system are

  • Food Additives/Pesticides/Herbicides – Our bodies aren’t designed to handle these chemicals. Food additives are all those numbers on sides of packets designed to keep foods looking and tasting a certain way for longer. They’re not about are about your health.
  • Heavy metals – such as lead (paints), mercury (fillings), aluminum (cookware, foil), are all toxic to our immune system function. Reduce exposure where possible.
  • Poor digestive health – as Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut.” And he was right. We now know your gut makes up 80% of your immune system. Do you have reflux, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, gut pain? These are signs your digestive health is off balance.
  • Hormonal imbalances – Are you chronically stressed? Eating poorly? It puts a huge tax on your hormonal system (adrenal, thyroid, pancreas) which has a big impact on your immune system and entire body. It’s OK to visit stress, you just can’t live there and stay well long term.


2. Supporting your immune system daily – Healthy Winter Tips.

Small improvements can dramatically influence the way you look, feel and even think every day.

I see it often.

Maria arrived in my office two months ago confessing she was constantly sick, couldn’t get out of bed some days, drained, overwhelmed, had just turned 25 and was job hunting. She just couldn’t turn it around.

We uncovered gut infections, food intolerances, leaky gut, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies….no wonder she was feeling how she did. All fixable, we turned it all around over a few months.

Maria’s transformation was amazing, she’s a different person.

  • Loads of consistent energy
  • Balanced moods, feels well and optimistic
  • Hasn’t been sick since
  • Found a job she loves

The biggest impact on supporting immune system daily is by optimising your gut health. Did you know 80% of your immune system is in your gut?


Healthy Winter Tips – Here are two of most important steps you can take:

Step 1. Weed Out the Rubbish

Here are 3 places to start:

  1. Ease up on Sugars:  Excess sugar wreaks havoc on your immune system faster than almost anything else. That includes high-fructose corn syrup to artificial sweeteners. It can be hidden in processed foods, so read the label.
  2. Ditch Processed and Microwaved foods: Highly processed foods have TONS of preservatives and fillers. They’re hard to digest and over time wear out your body’s energy, digestion cycle, and immune system. Aim to eat mostly real wholefoods you prepare yourself – vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, meat, legumes.
  3. Reduce Hydrogenated Oils: Vegetable oils like soybean, canola and corn oil are highly inflammatory and can lead to inflammation. Aim to use good fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter or ghee, as these can be soothing on your gut and great for your immunity.

Suffering from reflux, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea or stomach pain?

It’s definitely time you gave your digestive system an overhaul.

You most probably have Leaky Gut Syndrome. A rapidly growing condition that affects many and don’t even know it. Leaky gut is the foundation of many health challenges, such as food allergies/intolerances, low energy, autoimmune diseases, joint discomfort, thyroid issues and much more.


Step 2. Consume probiotic-rich foods and Gut Repairers

Probiotic-rich foods are just as important as Vitamin C and Vitamin D for your immune system.

Probiotics are good bacteria that help balance out and support your immune system, digest nutrients and detoxify your colon.

Top probiotic foods for immune system health include:

  1. Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi, originally from Germany and Korea. Both made from fermented cabbage and other vegetables, high in organic acids (gives sour taste) and enzymes that supports growth of good bacteria, aids digestion and boosts your immune system.
  2. Fermented dairy products like kefir and goat milk yogurt, originating in Russia and Turkey 3,000 years ago, where kefir means ‘feeling good’. Kefir is a tart and slightly acidic fermented drink, using yeasts and bacteria containing 10-34 strains of probiotics. It can be based on dairy, coconut water and many other bases. My fav is coconut water base.
  3. Kombucha — originating in Japan 2,000 years ago. Kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of black tea that’s started by using a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Primarily supports digestion, increases energy and immunity against bacteria and other invaders.
  4. Bone Broth: Helps to strengthen and heal gut lining, repairing any leakiness and restoring health. Make it yourself or buy it. Click here for recipe. Bone broth is full of gelatin, rich in healing amino acids, arginine, glycine, glutamine and proline – immune enhancing and anti-ageing.


If your digestion is strong, your immune system steps up to the next level. Probiotic foods will help you here

Need some help finding out how healthy your terrain is and what your immune system challenges are?

Time you got a plan? What’s your 20% that’s going to give you 80% of results to staying well this winter?

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To good health this winter, Julie XX