13 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success

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Set Yourself Up For Success – One of the key principles, in getting results and moving consistently towards your desired goals and outcomes, is setting yourself up for success.

Success doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult, unobtainable or painful beyond belief.

Success is having clarity of where you want to go. Then being present in the now, to grab hold of all the opportunities and doors that open, along the way, that are aligned with your desired outcomes.

Once you know your ‘why’, and where you want to go. It is fine-tuning the how as you journey along your path.

Success is 80% psychology, 20% strategy. If you believe you can or you can’t, you will prove to yourself, that is true. So choose your thoughts carefully!

Set Yourself Up For Success – My 13 top tips for moving towards your dreams –

  1. Define what success is for you. Each of us have a different definition or picture in our mind. Embrace yours. Get really clear. Find pictures to illustrate it, visualise it often, write down key words to define it and put them on the fridge.
  2. Know your why intimately & tap into it every day. Click here on how (5 min video).
  3. Do a weekly plan. Put in strategies to help you succeed at the toughest times for you. Set yourself up for success. For instance, “I’m always am running late in the morning” –
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Set your alarm slightly earlier so you aren’t rushing around like a madman, this is a beautiful time of day, drink it in, have time to witness a sunrise
  • Strategically put your alarm in another room with your runners & gym clothes beside them, so it is easier to go forward than back
  • Prep breakfast the night before
  • Pack your food for the day the night before
  • Schedule a big cooking session once a week to free up more time during the week
  • Source tools to organise you. For instance free meal planning resource from Beckii at Organic Butler. Click here.
  1. Keep it simple. Pick 3 things you would like to change. Now do them consistently until they become a part of what you do. When that is done, add 3 more. Simple!
  2. Schedule it in and make yourself accountable. Do you need an accountability buddy? This can be a friend, your partner, a coach, me. We all need to be stretched and made accountable, if we want to grow and move forward.
  3. Ask for help if you need it. There will be times when you are just STUCK. We all have them, god knows I have had my share! If you want to move forward you need to find a way through, around, over these moments. It is vital. They will be your greatest teaching moments without a doubt.
  4. Small changes done consistently lead to amazing changes over time. I know this having gone from coming last in 800m running event in grade 4 to coming first in 800m in the state NSW in year 12. You don’t have to see the top of the mountain right now, just focus on each step and keep moving in the right direction. Life will change dramatically for the good before you know it.
  5. Celebrate your successes and breakthroughs weekly. We reflect so much on what we haven’t done, could of done, should of done. Reflect on all the magic moments that were turning points when you sit and reflect. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Dr Seuss
  6. Life is perfect at this very moment & how it is meant to be. Embrace and honour it. Learn from the not so great and celebrate the great.
  7. Inject fun into what you do always. Life doesn’t have to be all hard work!
  8. Love yourself constantly. Love your problems, love your successes, they are opportunities to learn and move towards where you really want to be.
  9. Regular holidays and breaks to reflect and see the big picture. We can get lost and lose perspective. Have fun while you are doing it! The secret to life.
  10. Cherish each and every moment. We act as if we are going to live forever, but we never know when our number is up. Make each moment count.

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Do you have any insights or tips on what has helped you be successful in certain parts of your life? Just comment below.