11 Ways To Reset Your Body Clock and Prosper

Reset Your Body Clock - A tired sleepless woman with the pillow over her head . Isolated over white.

Reset Your Body Clock – Here are 11 things that improve your body’s circadian clock:

1. To reset your body clock, Wake up and go to sleep at similar times every day. Ideally, wake around 6am and go to sleep by 10pm.

2. Use a salt lamp to mimic natural light when the sun goes down where possible. Avoid full spectrum light where possible after sunset.

3. Be sure to get midday sunlight, this will help increase serotonin (happy hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone). Eat lunch outdoors, go for a walk.

4. Eliminate exposure to phones, tablets, computers, and television 2 hours before your bedtime.

5. If you use a computer, download f.lux as a digital filter for your screen. Click here for details.

6. Sleep in a dark room.

7. Avoid excessive fluid intake after 8pm

8. Avoid checking and responding to email in the late evening.

9. Settle any conflicts before going to bed

10. Use lavender essential oils or warm epsom salt baths to help promote calm

11. Practice deep breathing exercises before bed to help you relax


Happy body clock resetting!!

You will feel amazing in no time at all.

Remember you CAN NOT medicate you way out of a bad lifestyle. Take the time and effort to reset great health sustaining rituals.

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