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There seems to be that feeling out there in the world that I will be happy when….

I have my IDEAL body, my IDEAL partner, I am living in my IDEAL location, driving my IDEAL car, doing my IDEAL job, living with an IDEAL low fat, high performance body and looking totally awesome.

So when I am inhabiting my perfect life that’s when I’ll be happy.

Mmmmm….just wondering how that is working for you?

Or maybe, I’ll actually be happy when I understand and realise my happiness doesn’t necessarily depend or rely or have anything to do with any of those things.

While happiness may not be possible all the time, in many cases our happiness depends on choosing to be happy. It’s as simple as that.

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” – Buddhist Proverb

Unfortunately, we complicate our lives to the point that we’re unable to recognize happiness when it appears right in front of us.

Here are 11 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy

So how to clear the slate? Here are 10 things you’ll need to give up in exchange for your happiness.

1. Taking everything personally.

Most people’s reactions have nothing to do with you, so let them go. Many of our behavioural patterns were developed way before you even met, usually in early childhood.

2. Dwelling on the past

We’ve all had past experiences where we have been hurt and made mistakes ourselves. But every experience in life has taught us something or made us stronger.

3. Worrying about the future

Where thoughts go, energy flows. When you worry, you invest time and energy in something you don’t want to have happen. Learn to let go and trust.

4. Negative self talk

This is like carrying a monkey on your back. Become aware of your internal dialogue. If it is toxic, delete, uncreate and de-story it. Replace it with something that helps you to become the best version of you.

5. The need to impress others

You’ll never please everyone, and it’s none of your business what others think of you. There’s one version of you on the planet. Be it, own it and quit worrying about it.

6. Complaining

What a waste of energy. Instead ask the questions – What can I do to improve this situation? Do I need to just accept it? Or do I need to walk away?

7. The need to always be right

You can be right and still lose. Does it really matter?

8. Blaming others

Blame and anger burns a hole in the hand of the person still holding on to it. Move it out once and for all. It’s time to own your part in the situation.

9. The resistance to change

Control is an illusion, as we live in an out-of-control world. Learn to embrace the new and welcome change; otherwise you’ll grow old through your own rigidity.

10. The need for other’s approval

Unless you’re living life to the beat of your own drum, your tribe won’t be able to find you. Be the best version of YOU you can be, and you’ll naturally attract the people who are supposed to surround you.

11. Limiting beliefs

Keep getting stuck? What beliefs do you need to let go or replace to live your best life?


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