Detox is certainly not a new concept. There’s hundreds of ways out there to cleanse and detox your body, anything from juice fasts, sipping bone broth to comprehensive programs. Many of which, may or may not tickle your fancy.

As a society more and more chemicals are in our food chain and environment. On a daily basis we’re exposed to pesticides, herbicides, BPAs, preservatives, artificial flavours and the list goes on. Our genetics haven’t caught up with the onslaught of all the chemicals and inflammatory and autoimmune conditions are on a steep rise.

The question is not should I do a detox, but when. So start listening to your body and if you’re experiencing any of these signs, think detox time now.


11 Signs it’s time for a detox:


1. You are constantly fatigued

Fatigue’s a sign your toxin load is high and interfering with how your body works. You’re all clogged up and misfiring. If pushing through is your go to, you’re constantly in fight or flight and will end up with adrenal fatigue. Energy is foundational to everything – biochemistry, healing, immune system, metabolism and the list goes on.

2. You crave sugar all the time

Constant sugar cravings are a big clue something isn’t right. Often a sign you’re constantly tired. Time to acknowledge you’re using sugar as a crutch to compensate and cover the real problem. Sugar drives inflammation, feeds mutant cancer cells and excess is stored as fat, especially around your waist and vital organs. Ideally, dive underneath and fix the real problem, you’ll never look back.

3. You have digestive problems

Are you constipated, bloated, burping, refluxy, farting like a tropper? Your gut is 70% of your immune system. So, a big factor in preventing and treating autoimmune diseases or infections. Let’s get your microbiome diverse and healthy.

4. You eat healthy but don’t feel healthy

For some, certain healthy foods aggravate or don’t agree with them. Food intolerances, food allergies, fructose intolerance, salicylate and amine sensitivities could be lurking in the background. Identifying and addressing these can make a massive difference to energy levels, gut health, anxiety, brain fog and preventing infections and autoimmune diseases. Click here to find out if you have a food or fructose intolerance.

5. Your skin isn’t clear

Did you know your skin is an elimination channel? When your body and especially your liver are overloaded with toxins they’ll start coming out of your skin, as acne, rashes, inflammation and chronic infections. Treat your skin from the inside out for lasting results.

6. Seasonal allergies all year round

All round allergies commonly happen when your toxin load is high. Lower your toxin load and reduce your reactivity to allergens.

7. You feel foggy

Struggling to concentrate, focus or find the words? Brain fog often means you have ‘leaky brain’, where your brain membranes become inflamed and highly permeable, which is bad news. This means all sorts of rubbish is getting into your brain that shouldn’t be there.

8. You’re struggling with your weight

Trying to diet and exercise and just can’t lose the extra kilos? Did you know your body coats toxins in fat to protect your brain? The more toxins you have on board the fatter you’ll get. Let’s get rid of the toxins and your fat will go.

9. You’ve got joint pain or ache all over

Chronic sore, stiff, aching muscles and joints are a sign of chronic inflammation, especially if it’s not from pushing yourself at the gym. Time to clean up and lose the ache? Love to help – click here to book a consultation.

10. You’re constantly stressed, anxious or down

‘Leaky brain’ and food reactions are huge culprits here. Cleaning up can mean restoring calm from the inside out. Your tolerance and resilience to outside stresses improve. Suddenly zen becomes your new norm.

11. Your hormones are out of whack

I hear this most days – ‘I feel like my hormones are out of whack’. Now, your hormonal system is made up of your thyroid, adrenals, pancreas and ovaries or testes and it’s all in a biofeedback mechanism that communicates via hormones. Toxins often act like pretend hormones that disrupt and prevent this system from communicating properly. Is it time to give your hormones a good declutter and resync? You’ll never look back!


If you answered yes to more than one of these, it’s time to do Detox now. 

Speedy crash detoxes over a few days to a week often create more problems than good. Especially, if you’re low in iron or other essential detox nutrients.

Ideally opt for a 4-6 week sustainable detox that’s simple and effective and sets you up for great habits moving forward. Click here to book in for your detox plan today. You’ll never look back!

Loads of health and happiness,

JS xx