Getting More Energy Naturally – 10 Tips To Move From Flat To Fantastic

Can’t be bothered?    Feeling overwhelmed?

Life feels too hard?   Running on empty?

Whenever, I start feeling flat for no good reason I step back and take stock. Check in if you like.

Here’s what I usually find –

  • I’m being unkind to myself,
  • I’m unorganised with my food and time,
  • I’ve let my nourishing rituals drop off,
  • I haven’t planned anything to look forward to,
  • I’m focusing on what’s not there instead of what is.

Here’s 10 tips to shift from flat to fantastic real quick – Getting More Energy Naturally –

1. Start the day well

Morning rituals for me are always a winner.

  • Meditation or deep breathing for 10 minutes,
  • 2 glasses filtered water,
  • 30 minutes exercise – run, rowing, circuit training, pilates – love variety (it is the spice of life!),
  • green smoothie and egg OR green veggie soup with protein (chicken, lentils, etc)

Getting More Energy Naturally – If you start the day crappy it will keep going that way. You set your day’s theme first thing in morning.


2. Batch food prep

Get your food sorted the night before.

Make a batch of green smoothies, a wholesome soup for lunch and a rough meal plan at least for the next 48 hours so you can save time by having the ingredients at hand.

No excuses, here are some inspired soup recipes – Red Lentil & Vegetable, Minestrone, Lamb Harira, Pumpkin & Chickpea or Nourishing Chicken and Vegetable Soup.


3. Move outdoors daily.

There’s nothing like the wind in your hair, sunshine on your face, salt water on your skin or feet on the earth.

And it’s free….get amongst it!

Bush walks, bike rides, park jogs, kayaking, paddle boards, rowing, barefoot beach walks……and if it’s raining put on a jacket. Its only water not acid….haha.

The contrast makes you appreciate your comfy house when you get back.

It’s also a reminder of the big picture of life and gets you present and in the moment, where the future is created.


4. Gratitude

Time to reset your focus to all the great things that are present in your life.

Sometimes we focus all our energy on what we haven’t, should or could of done instead of what is.

Test it out by writing each night 5 things you were grateful about your day.

See what effect it has after doing it for 21 days. Oprah Winfrey swears by it, she’s done it for 20 years or more.


5. Love yourself

When you don’t love yourself, you take less care of you.

Is it time to love yourself and look after that uniquely, wonderful, quirky person you are?

After all there is only EVER one of you on the planet!

What do you need to do daily to top yourself up with love and appreciation?

For me, it can be –

  • a bike ride to the beach to watch a sunset,
  • scheduling in time for a bath,
  • dancing up a storm to your favourite songs,
  • walking in the park barefoot at lunchtime….

Start loving, appreciating and valuing yourself, instead of expecting others to do it for you?

Time to take back your personal power to feel good every day.


6. Time to foster new connections and meaningful conversations.

Having strong social networks, deep interpersonal relationships and meaningful conversations is important to you feeling connected, healthy and happy long term.

We are social creatures at our core.

Is it time you joined a group – sporting, outdoors, creative  or community to foster your connections?

It can make all the difference to your outlook and focus.

Remember if you’re not growing you’re dying.


7. Go to bed early.

As a rule 10pm is my cut off to feel refreshed.

I aim for 9.30pm in bed and immerse myself in a nourishing wind down ritual of meditation, stretching and journaling.

It makes me look forward to going to bed early. Time to fill up, not just crash.


8. Electronics free time.

Scheduled in daily from 9pm onwards – and yes it means no TV, phone, facebook, ipad.

Time for thinking, reading or just being.

Why not schedule in extra days, weekends or even holidays to technology detox. Good for the soul!


9. Stay hydrated

Your brain is 80% water, your body is 70% water. Everything happens in water.

Want to be on your A game – with great energy, muscle recovery, thinking well?

Top up with water, herbal teas, clear soups and wind down on the coffees, teas, cokes and alcohol.

I aim for 2.5 Litres/day but it varies with body weight and exercise levels and I rarely have more than 1 caffeine drink per day, if any at all.

What’s the only nutrient that has been shown to enhance performance for all but the most demanding endurance activities? It’s not some pricey sports drink. It’s water. If your body is short of fluids, one of the first signs is a feeling of fatigue. – Havard Medical School

10. Laying off the sugar.

Now sugar isn’t just lollies…. it’s loads of bread, cakes, biscuits, potatoes, white rice.

Has your sugar intake been creeping up?

My secret is to always aim for the next best sugar option.

Instead of lollies or chocolate….opt for healthy hot chocolate or raw chocolate mousse or key lime pie or an orange or a carrot. Click here for more tips on satisfying your sweet tooth.

Increasing your protein intake (nuts, chicken, fish, seeds, legumes) will keep your blood sugar levels more stable.

Aiming for more savoury options can also keep you off the sugar highway – hommus dip, guacamole.


Hope you’re oozing with ideas and inspiration to move from flat to fantastic and have more insight on Getting More Energy Naturally.

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Wishing you a fantastic life!

Julie xox